Age Difference and Husband Wife Relationship

Healthy relation of husband and wife is a result of many factors. Adjustments and compromises are there from both the sides which pave way for a successful married life. One of the factors which usually go unnoticed is the difference in ages of husbands and wives.

“Couples are made in heaven”, that’s absolutely true but unusual age difference among some of these heavenly couples poses several problems.

Maturity issues

Maturity issues: This issue comes into picture if husband is younger than wife and there is 2 years or more of difference between the ages of two. This is becoming prevalent nowadays mostly in love marriages, because love is blind and doesn’t follow age bars. But sometimes problem arises when it comes to maturity issues. It’s a known fact that females get matured earlier than males of same age group. So if husband is younger, he might not be matured enough at the time of marriage and girl might have to face problems in adjustments to the new culture.

Opinion gaps

Opinion gaps: If there is a large difference of more than 9-15 years, usually husband would be elder, opinion gaps might creep in. Usually husband and wives from same age group (either of equal age or a difference) share common opinions and thoughts which are very necessary for development of an understanding. Lack of such understanding prevails if age gap is too much.

Sexual life

Sexual life: Sexual life is affected at a later stage if husband wife not activated. Sexual life will get disturbed due to sexual inactivity of wife or husband. Women are more active than men, Men can do sex in a day 3 to 5 times but women are ready 300 times a day.

Women always enjoy more than men without besting their energy  but men needs to collect energy for next trip.

in old age this collection process is becomes slowdown.

Early planning for kids

Kids: If there is a large age gap with an elder husband, early planning for kids is warranted due to age of husband. If your husband is 38 when you are 25 years old, and you conceive, the kid would be around 20 years old when your husband is 58 years of age. Accordingly, second child should also be planned sooner or should not be planned at all.

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